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GRB3D LLC 3D Rendering - Apartment Bedroom and Bathroom
GRB3D LLC 3D Rendering - Apartment Entry
GRB3D LLC 3D Rendering - Cabana
GRB3D LLC 3D Rendering - Lobby
GRB3D LLC 3D Rendering - Pool


GRB3D, llc is an architectural 3D computer imaging and animation company founded in 1994 in Asheville, North Carolina. Our portfolio consists of hospitals, schools, churches, city buildings, performing art centers, condominiums, private residences as well as rendering services for the U.S. Department of the Navy. Our ability in generating photo-realistic architectural virtual environments stems, in part, from our combined extensive experience in architectural design and production of construction documents since 1971. While focus on detail is an important part of conveying a concept, we ‘go the extra mile’ with a strong emphasis on photo-realistic lighting. The warmth and ‘believability’ of a presentation, we feel, sells the client as least as much as the details. Our work was featured in the 1996 Siggraph Exposition and on Discovery Channel’ special program series: “Splat!”. We have the staff needed for generating the presentation YOU need on YOUR schedule, within reasonable expectations. Click here to learn about our process.

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  • 1 Battle Square, Ste.1203, Asheville, NC 28801


You receive an e-mail, showing progress of your project every two business days. That way, any discrepancies can be addressed early on in the process and you can be assured of the accurate rendition of your vision while in process.

Step 1


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Step 4

  1. Upon receipt of your CAD drawing files, we produce a proposal within 24 hours.
  2. Upon approval, we generate a 3D “wiremesh” model, as well as “white model” for your review. It’s at this time that we settle on a camera view for rendering. If product is to include animation “walk-through” video, we establish the camera path for your perusal and sign-off.
  3. We then apply colors and textures to be used in points of interest, such as the building itself for your perusal and sign-off.
  4. Surrounding embellishments, such as sitework, landscaping, people, cars, etc. are generated at this point of if interiors, furniture, plants, external views, etc. for your perusal and sign-off.
  5. Preliminary product is generated with watermark for sign-off.
  6. Final high resolution product is produced and delivered via e-mail in print-ready state.
Most renderings are produced within 7 to 10 days. Most animations are produced in 2 to 4 weeks. Renderings and Animations delivered in format of client’s choice.  


Acceptable formats include, DWG, PDF, ZIP, RAR, JPG, GIF and PNG.
Use CTRL key to select and load multiple files.
If using mobile device, capture images to attach to submission form.